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Expand the food distribution service globally

Daisei every24 utilize the expertise acquired from chilled logistics in Japan to serve in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
With the spreading of Japanese food culture, there is a growing needs for the cold chain, not only in Southeast Asia but also in other countries around the world.
Daisei every24 will continue to respect the culture and customs of each region and provide optimal and high quality logistics services worldwide.

4 Expertise

Joint Delivery

We have built an individual delivery network that allows us to combine and transport multiple customers’ products on a single truck. This is a delivery system that can deliver a wide variety of products to a large number of destinations efficiently, contributing significantly to the reduction of logistics costs.

Distribution Process

Daisei every24 will inspect, sort, re-package, and label a goods on behalf of our customer which are required for the delivery.

Stock Management

We keep the products in bulk at the Daisei every24 hub and manage the inventory. We control the temperature and quality on behalf of our customers and deliver to the destination as ordered.

Information Utilization

We get information on weather and road traffic conditions quickly and utilize it to delivery route plan. We also unify and manage all information about the products we receive from customer and share it all times.

We offer the best food logistics solutions

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